Linea Italia represents, import and distribution famous and upcoming Italian houses

Through a dynamic network of 65 stores in Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria we offer to provide our best services to our customers.

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With experience since 1998 in the field, over the years we have managed to listen to the needs and market trends as well as to anticipate the changes that are clear to everyone today.

We have developed specific and lasting relationships with our customers and also expanded its network of professionals, mainly consisting of trusted and creative furniture dealers.

We work closely with them in order to be able to give innovative solutions to the needs of the end consumer. We are dedicated to what we do and is one of the reasons we attach a leading market position.

Together with the companies we represent, we can guarantee the quality of each option and simultaneously with the capacity and proximity to our customers we can bring the desired result. This over the years is confirmed by our signal.

This is the strategy that helped us today to proudly represent some of the best Italian companies in the global market of furniture, both for their image and for their reliability.



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